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People can compare and contrast more than one product and service to hone in on the best choice. Similarly, they can elect the best political candidate who can govern the country. Bad effect on children: Advertisement of products such as soft drinks can create a huge customer base but it is a known fact that ingredients comprised in the item are harmful to the health of the consumers. Twisting the facts: Politically advertising can be a double edged weapon. It is used to promote the social messages but also could be deployed to twist the facts and portray an individual or the government in bad light.

Modern history is full of such instances when negative advertisements change the whole future of the nation also caused wars. Excess advertising has a detrimental impact on the perspective of consumers because they might get bored and discard the product which is being promoted. With the deluge of services and items being launched in the market, the scope of advertisement has increased as compared to the past. In fact using the glitz and razzmatazz, a company can even sell a lie to the customers, however, the triumph is short-lived as product quality plays an important role in gaining final acceptance.

Advertising is only a part of the marketing strategy but to think that it provides all the solutions to the problem can be a huge mistake. Your email address will not be published. My Essay Point Free essays and term papers for students. Related Articles Difference between ancient and modern art essay. Positive and negative effects of cars. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Quote of the day The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

Advertising can help to increase consumption and create a new branding for the image of the company. However, advertisement must always be based on the principal of the same.

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In this way, the company is able to design a mode of communication that is clear, precise, appealing, accurate, and persuasive. However, this is not entirely true. All if not every effective advertising has an effect on the person seeing it. The person is able to see and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the products and services offered by the company. People react differently to these advertisements. Some people may end up being unhappy or dissatisfied with the products while others may end up being happy with the products.

Young people such as children and adolescents are the most affected by these advertisements Cockrum Advertising is a form of communication that tries to convince the customer to behave differently or in a certain way or manner which will benefit the advertiser. Every person who views the advertisement is affected and influenced to behave in the particular manner.

This is because advertisements are very persuasive and creative. Politicians also use this mode of communication to sell their ideas to the voters.

Annotated Bibliography on Harmful Effects of Television

This simply means that every form of advertising has its effects on the consumer or the person that is viewing it. However, this is only possible if the advertising is in line with the products being advertised and if the advertisement is effective. It is important to note that certain group of persons is more affected than others. Young people and children can be very vulnerable to certain messages that could be found in the advertisements. They may become pressurized by the messages and images in the screens in an attempt to measure up to their peers.

This would have an adverse effect on their social and personal lives.

Advertising And Their Influence On Children

In this case, parents should help to guide their children to understand that these advertisements are simply an attempt to get them to act in a certain manner that is beneficial to the advertiser. Adverting is only a way or mode of attracting the attention of the consumers. It does not in any way make the consumer to purchase these products and services. Honest, straightforward and ethical advertisements have a greater effect on the consumers. This is because such an advertisement focuses on reaching perfection in every individual and perfecting this perfection.

Commercial advertising has always been part of the American culture.

In some aspects, the American advertisers do not take commercial rules seriously. However, there are no rules that govern political advertising Neumeier This simply means that political advertisers are not in any way answerable to any regulatory bodies as opposed to commercial advertisers in America. One of the most distinctive and noticeable feature of the political advertising is the fact that there is a lot of negativity around the tone and content of such advertisement. These advertisements have adverse effects on the American populace, especially on the young adults.

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Advertising has effect on almost everything people buy and influences why they choose a certain product instead of other products. This is because advertising follows fashion and trend. It goes with the market trends. In this way, it influences the young generation as well and the older generation to adapt to and choose to purchase these products. From the beginning of this essay it is clear that advertising is carried out to promote the products and services of a company.


TV Advertisements Aimed at Children in Australian should be banned - Words | Essay Example

There are many types of advertising, namely: visual advertising, online advertising, paper advertising and advertising with people. Visual advertising involves advertising that uses digital platforms that give or allow sponsors and advertisers great opportunities. Visual advertisement gives the company and the brand more exposure and visibility at a particular time. The big question is how visual advertising boosts or allows the exposure of a company. Well, visual advertising displays the message by the company creatively in many unconventional spaces. These spaces include mobile advertisement, movie advertisement and mall kiosks.

A mobile advertisement involves the use of trucks, vans and buses as spaces. In these spaces the brand name is seen and viewed by many people and potential customers. Mobile advertising is a very cost effective mode of advertising. The company is able to cut on the advertising costs. This is because it involves constant exposure and not employing of a vehicle or space. A movie advertisement allows the advertisers to associate their companies and brands with interesting and enjoyable movie experiences.

These advertisements are shown in places just before a movie begins. It involves the uses of a slideshow that displays the messages and brand of the company. Some companies use graphics and captivating photos to display these messages. These advertisements run for 30 to 60 seconds which is enough time to display the messages and brands of the company.

These messages are very effective. Online advertising is a mode of communication or promotion which involves worldwide web and the internet to deliver messages that appeal to and attract customers. Online advertisements include: advertisements on banner ads, search engine pages and blogs among many others. This type of advertising is expanding and growing rapidly in the U. It comprises of keywords, emails, Facebook platforms, My Space platforms among many others. As technology advances with globalization, online innovations have risen incredibly in the market.

The big question is how the online advertising works.

Advertising to children

Well, online advertisement communicates directly to publishers to provide and create important content. Online advertising trends encourage markets to get into grip with the different attributions and bring in new options and incentives for the advertisers. It also helps the marketers to increase their investments and transparency.

The Effects of Advertising on Youth

Paper advertisements are a very common way of advertising which has been in the market for a long time. The main objective of advertising is to attract more customers. In this case, in order to ensure that the newspaper advertisements are effective, the advertising company needs to captivate the attention of the readers and be a step ahead of competitors.