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Ghostwriting services denver casinodelille com Buy literature review paper casinodelille com. The first point to remember then is that thesis statements must provide room for disagreement and debate. The following thesis statement is too general: 'Drinking alcohol is harmful. Here are two more examples of focused thesis statements: 'A four-year university programme is better than a three-year one because students have more time for deeper learning.

It is important that your thesis statements also contain only one controlling argument. Supporting details can be discussed in depth later in the essay's body paragraphs that follow the introduction. It is important that your thesis be clear so that your readers know exactly what your position is.


The Ethanol Revolution

There should be no confusion, such as in the following poor example: 'Many people from around the world have different opinions about whether teenagers under eighteen years of age should be able to get a driving license and drive a vehicle or not and I tend to agree with some of them but not with others. Second, the opinion of the writer is not clear to the reader.

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A better example of a thesis would be: 'Teenagers under eighteen years of age should not have driving licenses as most are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of driving. Clear and concise should be your goal in all writing, but it is especially important when writing a thesis statement. Summary Remember!

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When you include a thesis statement in your introduction that is… 1. With a little practice, you can write high quality thesis statements that bring focus to all of your argumentative essays. Check Hint Show answer. They should not be too broad or general.